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We would like to congratulate you on your recent decision to trade-in an existing timeshare to purchase a program that better suits your current needs. We believe that there is a vacation ownership product that is right for everyone, and recognize that vacation requirements change over time. This is why we are so excited to provide our trade-in and trade-up service. This is your opportunity to convert your current vacation ownership equity into a new vacation program that fits your life perfectly.

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How we work

Global Equity Management and Solutions a timeshare consignment company, meaning that we transfer and assume previously owned timeshares on behalf of individuals who have recently decided to upgrade their memberships into a product that better suits their current needs. WE DO NOT PROVIDE TIMESHARE ASSUMPTION SERVICES TO INDIVIDUAL TIMESHARE OWNERS. To use GEMS services you must have recently purchased a new vacation program where you traded-in an older timeshare for a newer one.

What we think

Timeshare is great! Our company believes in the timeshare industry. While the specific version of timeshare can vary greatly, the product that it ultimately represents is the same: time. Choosing how to spend time is the most important decision that a person can make. Today's modern lifestyle moves so fast that it is so easy to forget to make time for what matters most: children, spouses, or even just to take time for oneself to relax or maybe to adventure in far off places.

GEMS does not believe that one version of vacation ownership is better than another. We believe that the individual vacationer's needs are diversified and embrace that the right vacation product exists for each vacationer. We also accept that vacation requirements change over time, and are proud to serve as a means of transition from one resort or vacation program to another. So whether the specific program is a fractional ownership, a private residence club, a vacation club, a deeded timeshare, or a simple right-to-use membership, the real benefit behind all of them is a commitment to a better life. A life that is filled with happy vacation memories, and for many families, timeshare makes those vacations more feasible.

We are not

GEMS is not a "relief" company. We do not believe that timeshare owners need to be "relieved" of their vacation ownership programs. This means that we do not actively solicit current timeshare owners to trade-in their programs nor do we advertise our services to the general public. We are strictly a business-to-business service, meaning that we only offer our services to timeshare owners who have recently upgraded or switched their vacation ownership program for another. We believe that timeshare trade-ins offer a valuable service to timeshare owners who are not unhappy with the concept of vacation ownership, but whose needs have changed and find that a different type of program fits their current lifestyle better. Overall satisfaction in the timeshare industry ultimately depends on finding the right vacation program for each timeshare owner, we believe that we serve the industry by helping to facilitate that "right-fit".

If you are an industry professional and would like to learn how GEMS Trade-In & Trade-Up! program can improve your resort's VPG please contact
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Maintenance Fees

If you have recently been contacted by a Global Equity Management and Solutions (GEMS) agent concerning the transfer of one of your memberships, please rest assured that GEMS does intend to continue to pay your maintenance fees. GEMS has a vast conduit of rental and resale channels in place specifically designed to help move the inventory that we take into possession. Our mission is to work closely with you to help you develop strategies for renting or selling unsold, surrendered or otherwise empty rooms. Please contact us ( today to see how GEMS can assist you in developing a business plan that best suits your project.


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